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Our Values.

We strive to exercise intentionality in every aspect of operating the program, following these basic guiding practices:

Value and Worth

We have high expectations of the youth in our program because they have a high value to offer to this world. We care for them deeply and are here to help them meet the high expectations of the program and life in general.

Our commitment to and relationship with the youth do not end at the end of the shift or if the youth decide to leave the structured program.


From the start of this program we strive for excellence. This must be evident in all areas of the program. When working on bicycles we work to fix everything the right way and stress the value of doing so to the youth.

Community Involvement

Our goal is to run this program successfully, producing results in the community so we are including local residents in leading and speaking into this program.

Relationship with Parents

We respect parents’ role in their children’s lives and guide the kids to do the same. We encourage and guide the youth in caring for their family.


We are painfully aware of many of the challenges the youth in our community face and this awareness drives us to develop strong partnerships with others serving our community. We are connected with other ministries and organizations working in our community and will closely work with them to strengthen the community as a whole. We can connect the youth (and their families and/or peers) into the larger collective of positive influences and programs.

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