About us

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We are a team of experienced travel entrepreneurs with offices in Boulder, San Francisco, and Amsterdam. In the past, we've built some of the world's most successful travel apps with hundreds of millions of downloads, including TripAdvisor, EveryTrail, and TrekkingPartners.

We're excited to now build kimkim, a better way to plan and book travel through the help of a local expert.

For many of us, travel planning has become a painful experience; we spend countless hours researching online and are left with too many choices.

Instead imagine talking with a local travel expert—someone who knows the destination well and can offer curated travel advice, recommending great experiences based on your personal interests.

We believe this is the future of travel: bringing the local expert back into the trip planning process, equipped with the tools to put together a truly amazing trip that you can review and book in one place.

We're excited to be part of your travel experience, whether it's a once-in-a-lifetime adventure or a short vacation with your family.

Feel free to reach out to us with your feedback, ideas, and travel aspirations!

Meet our team

Joost Schreve

Co-founder, CEO

Yenyi Fu

COO & Head of Product

Chris McCarty

Head of Engineering

Eric Chamberlain

Head of Destination Development

Chelsey Wallace

Destination Development Manager

Julia Zarski

Destination Development Manager

Lena Sluga

Destination Development Manager

Patricia Hernandez

Destination Development Manager

Brian To

Software Engineer

Yulia Kulyk

Destination Development Manager

Tara Kallembach

Head of Sales and Support

Samantha Lodge

Destination Development Manager

Yuri Ihnatov

Destination Development and Operations Manager

Amanda Wu

Design Lead

Mariana Sarciotto

Destination Development Manager

Jessica Jennings

Travel Coordinator

Daniel Larrea

Onboarding and Training Lead

KayDee Snodgress

Support Team Lead

Sharon Buma-Wertheimer

Director of Partnerships

Luke Peacock

Software Engineer

Adam Gomez

Travel Specialist

Leo Herrick

Software Engineer

Gustavo Camperos

Travel Specialist

Armaan Rai

Software Engineer

Olivia Lavin

Support Specialist

Eric Gerhardinger

Product Manager

Kaelyn Harris-Vincent

Content Manager

Samanta Bruno

Support Specialist

Siena Mueller

Travel Specialist

Amy Graves

HR Operations Manager

Leah Wanjaria

Operations Specialist

Coraima Yañez

Travel Specialist